We speak ‘horse’ and a few other languages.

A horse knows what a 🥕 is when they see/eat one.
They don’t care if you say Carrot, Karotte, Carotte, Carota, καρότο or Wortel!
When it comes to saddles it’s much the same…
However you translate ‘Natural Horseman Saddles’, happy horses know when they’re wearing one! It’s part of the Equine Universal Language …

Wanting to please their horses, owners are faced with shopping internationally – Argh! That sounds SO difficult!
It just so happens we’ve got that covered!
Yes we speak horse, but we are also English and German speaking too!
(Truth be known we even have some rusty French up our sleeves).

Since our mission is to see as many horses as possible traveling comfortably in our saddles (even all those across the seas), we offer international customer service like no other.
We get it! Shopping outside of home can be scary!
It’s kind of like riding a strange horse for the first time, you can never be sure it will go smoothly.
Currency conversion, duties and taxes, dealing/trusting a company in a different time zone or with whom you’d rather talk to face to face isn’t always a settling task.
At Natural Horseman Saddles we take the worry out of buying internationally.

We’ve been fitting and supplying our saddles and equipment to customers all over the world for more than 15 years. You, like our other customers, will discover the process is not as complicated as you first might have thought.

My Saddle has arrived. So happy with the speed of delivery to my front door.
NHS made this process of ordering from overseas so easy and simple with no hassles, I would definitely order again…

Leanne L from NSW Australia


  • We have English and German speaking staff members to handle your enquiries (Our global teams are located in the USA, Australia and Europe)
  • We offer a free ‘digital’ saddle fit evaluation that easily allows us to recommend the best fit for you and your horse – This system has helped 1,000’s of horses globally!
  • We interpret your saddle fit evaluation details and suggest seat size and leather/fender length, along with tailoring a shimming pattern that will set you up for success with your horse/s
  • We update our website continuously with learning resources [Video, Blog, Articles] so you can be confident your saddle will always fit well no matter what
  • We offer lifetime support as your horse/s training, condition or discipline changes
  • We export/ship saddles using global giant FEDEX to your door with full digital tracking
  • We offer quotations on your importing costs – including duties, taxes and fees
  • We trial and research cost effective methods of international shipping such as reshippers (please see graphics below)
  • We offer flexible international payment options – Major Credit Cards and Pay Pal at our website store at naturalhorsemansaddles.com
  • We host a global community on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and other social platforms where you can share, discuss and find all the help you need 24/7

Thank you for your incredible help with organising my Saddle Nicole, from the otherside of the world it was a terrific service and a better/prompter response than even my local businesses!

Hannah C from New Zealand


Want to discuss your options further?

Contact us at saddles@naturalhorsemansaddles.com and let us help you!

For international quotations we require your :


Please also include which saddle/model you are looking at purchasing as the value of your order affects quotations.

We look forward to helping you find the perfect saddle so you and your horse can set about reaching the goals, hitting the trail, or simply hacking about.

Rethink Saddle Fit – Globally – with Natural Horseman Saddles.