When your saddle needs a facelift, or even if you just need to replace a lost concho, removing and re-installing a domed concho can be a challenge. Slotted conchos (the ones held by leather tie-strings) are easy to change. Here are some great tips so you can be handy with the domed ones:

How to change your domed concho on your western saddle.

Our very own MacGyver love child Gretchen Furlong has found a simple and inexpensive way for you to get handy at changing domed conchos on your western saddle.

No need for expensive Concho-Turner tools. For this, all you need is :

  • A Pair Of Scissors
  • Strong Sticky Tape
  • A Cordless Drill
  • An Extension For Your Drill (Like a Socket Extension Bar)
  • A Maxi Pad…  Yes you read that correctly!
  • Conchos With A Screw On The Back

Check out our YOUTUBE video where our creative Gretch-Gyver demonstrates how you can replace your old conchos with new ones – the EASY way!

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