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Livi Glaser Professional Horse Trainer riding in a Glenn Secret Pro Dressage Saddle on her Spanish Mare Famosa.
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Livia Glaser (or Livi as we know her) is a professional horse trainer based in Salzburg, Austria. Her mission with horses is simple. “I want to help as many people as possible to understand their horse, to remove fear and frustration so that there is room for progress.”

With that mission comes a passion for equipment to enhance the horse/human relationship. Not commonly thought about by most, Livi understands saddles that offer comfort to the horse help relieve anxiety, allowing them to be more willing partners. 

Livi is a supporter of what Natural Horseman Saddles stand for. A company striving for excellence in equine comfort, performance and health.  Similar principles Livi shares in her training methodologies.  

Here is what Livi’s says about how she feels riding the Glenn Secret Pro Dressage on her Spanish Mare Famosa whom competes in eventing, dressage and working equitation. Dressage riders have very demanding needs which Livi has found the Glenn Secret Pro Dressage delivers on.

“My horse Famosa and I love the Glenn secret saddle. Famosa does not naturally have a lot of movement and elevation can be hard to achieve. Especially when ridden it can be hard for her to be freely forward while moving in a frame. With the Glenn Secret saddle she feels room to bring herself up more which is very hard in other saddles and usually takes me a long warm up time until I have a similar feeling. I love the position that the saddle puts the rider in and I still have freedom to move and don’t feel like I am trapped, even with the dressage blocks in front of my knees.
It is a pleasure to ride!”


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She is fluent in German and dabbles in French and Italian!


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