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“I was absolutely amazed to feel his attitude and biomechanics improve SO much from the moment I put that new saddle on! I tell people regularly this saddle was responsible for Ruby and I achieving our USDF Bronze medal and giving me true FEI body carriage at last.” 

Janice Dulak – Pilates For Dressage www.pilatesfordressage.com

Janice is an advocate for the betterment of the lives of horses.

She travels the world teaching Pilates for Dressage®. 

Once a professional dancer and since 1993 a Master Pilates instructor she sees the role the rider plays in how happy the horse is under saddle. Her mission is to educate the rider and enhance the horse’s experience.

Janice Dulak – Glenn Secret

Janice contributes to our Saddle Fit Science Blog regularly and is available exclusively to our Natural Horseman Saddles Customers who are experiencing trouble with certain elements of their riding.

You can read some of Janice’s posts here :

Janice Dulak – Pilates For Dressage

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Tamzin Cosh Riding Happily with her horse Chevy…

My horse is happy and I am happy. 
His behaviour towards saddles has changed dramatically.

Tamzin – Western Australia…


A wonderful story of success from Tamzin Cosh – W.A. Australia…

We thank her so much for her thoughtful and honest account of introducing our saddle to her Appaloosa gelding Chevy. Tamzin runs through the ‘stages of acceptance’ and the difference our saddle can make… Sometimes our horse’s mindset of YEARS and YEARS of bad saddle fit can take a few rides to change… Here is Tamzin’s journey!


Dear Natural Horseman Saddles:
Letitia Glenn and Staff,

Earlier this year I purchased a Classic Australian Halfbreed Sport from your company. I love it!

I found your website informative and easy to follow. The thorough research and evidence from your trials were written in everyday terms. 
The Customer Service support section is so extensive and useful with easy to read articles and clear pictures and instructions.


My horse HATES saddles and gives an Oscar-winning bucking performance once one is put on him. He always has his ears back, his head up high. His body is all tense and flinching. He always moves away from the saddle as it comes towards him. He gets cranky when tightening the girth. Then I chase him around with a mounting block trying to get on.


Immediately my horse noticed a difference in my new saddle. The first and second time saddling he reacted as above to the saddling process. However, once it was on he relaxed into the saddle and lowered his head. No way would he stand still for mounting though.


The third time I saddled him he just stood there looking at me with no flinching or stress. He still bucked horrendously (possibly even worse than before) when first asked to move his feet. After a couple of circles, he would be fine though. Mounting was still a problem.


The fourth time there was no stress and NO bucking.


The fifth time he really thought hard about bucking, you could see the cogs moving in his mind, but it was like he changed his thoughts, (licking and blinking) and just couldn’t be bothered to buck (quite fascinating to watch). 
I put the mounting block out and to my surprise; he stood stock still with ears forward and happy to wait until I was ready. He really trusts this saddle now. He knows that it doesn’t hurt and it isn’t going anywhere and it is so comfortable for him.


When riding him I can feel him starting to process the shoulder clearance and flexible tree. His canter stride is becoming less jolty as his shoulders are testing their new found freedom.


All in all, this is a wonderful saddle. It is very secure; it fits both him and me beautifully. The leather is of excellent quality, the workmanship outstanding and the comfort second to none. It has such a nice deep seat that puts me right on the balance point. I notice my posture whilst riding has improved immensely. I like how my legs are still free to move as necessary.


The AIR PAD is fabulous too. I love how it can be adjusted both before and during riding. After our ride, he has an even sweat pattern. There are no bunched up hairs or dry spots to be seen.


The double cinch is a new experience for me. I love how this works. It is great that the back cinch is connected to the front cinch to ensure its correct position. The rough out section is fabulous too, (I didn’t think I’d like it, but I do!!)


To answer some questions for you:


*Was this saddle worth the investment? YES! ABSOLUTELY!
*Could I justify getting a quality saddle that doesn’t fall into the ‘cheap and nasty’ category, when I am just riding out and about every so often? YES! SURE CAN!
*Would you recommend this saddle? YES! I LOVE IT!
*Would you do it all over again? YES! I SURE WOULD!
*Would you buy another saddle from us? YES! DEFINITELY!


Thank you so much for the research that you have done and making it available to people like me from all over the world. I found the experience both rewarding and successful.


My horse is happy and I am happy. 
His behaviour towards saddles has changed dramatically.


Kindest regards. 
Tamzin Cosh


Learn more about our full range of Western and English Saddles, with the SMARTFLX foundation we are famous for, along with the Australian Halfbreed Sport at www.naturalhorsemansaddles.com

Tamzin Cosh

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