Janice Dulak – Pilates For Dressage

“I was absolutely amazed to feel his attitude and biomechanics improve SO much from the moment I put that new saddle on! I tell people regularly this saddle was responsible for Ruby and I achieving our USDF Bronze medal and giving me true FEI body carriage at last.” 

Janice Dulak – Pilates For Dressage www.pilatesfordressage.com

Janice is an advocate for the betterment of the lives of horses.

She travels the world teaching Pilates for Dressage®. 

Once a professional dancer and since 1993 a Master Pilates instructor she sees the role the rider plays in how happy the horse is under saddle. Her mission is to educate the rider and enhance the horse’s experience.

Janice Dulak – Glenn Secret

Janice contributes to our Saddle Fit Science Blog regularly and is available exclusively to our Natural Horseman Saddles Customers who are experiencing trouble with certain elements of their riding.

You can read some of Janice’s posts here :

Janice Dulak – Pilates For Dressage